About Varicocele



Varicocele is a common cause of Male Infertility— A condition where the veins of the spermatic cord in the scrotum become abnormally dilated and tortuous

How common?

Varicocele is the commonest cause of low sperm count with poor motility (oligo-astheno-zoospermia)

15% of general Male population

40% of men evaluated for primary infertility and

Fifty percent of men evaluated for secondary infertility have Varicocele

Varicocele is in fact the most common identifiable and surgically correctable factor contributing to poor Testicular function and decreased sperm count

How is it diagnosed?

A) Clinical Examination: The doctor examines the patient in the standing posture and feels the spermatic cord- the cord like structure-from which the Testes hangs. Varicocele feels like a bunch of worms in a bag. On coughing the feel gets transiently exaggerated.

B) Colour Doppler Sonography: It is a objective method of detecting and documenting a Varicocele


Grades of Varicocele:

Grade III or Large:

Grade II or Moderate:

Grade I or Small:

Subclinical Varicocele:

On inspection one can see the “bag of worms”

On palpation without coughing one can feel the “bag of worms”

Only on coughing one can feel the “bag of worms”

Detected only by Colour Doppler