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About Dr. Parag Shah

About Dr. Parag Shah
M.S. (Bom.), FAIS. FACG(USA)

Dr. Parag Shah is an experienced surgeon looking after the male infertility clinic at Nowrosjee Wadia Hospital, Parel, Mumbai.

Since 1997, he has performed over 500 operations based on his concept of Varicocele caused by Cremasteric Compartment Complex.

He has observed and reported improvement in sperm count in almost all the operated patients with a pregnancy rate of 64% at the end of one year and 80% at the end of two years.

The misery and agony of infertile couples, rampant commercialization of Artificial Reproductive Techniques (ART) & encouragement from his successfully-treated patients, prompted Dr. Parag Shah to author these web pages about varicocele surgery.

His aim is to provide a cost-effective, patient-friendly, natural option for treatment of male infertility.